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Energy Procurement

& Risk Management

Power your business for less.

Texas Office Systems is proud to be partnered with Texas Energy Exchange, an energy brokerage and consulting firm located in central Texas. Through our partner's custom bidding platform, Texas Office Systems offers its clients access to the best commercial energy rates on the market.


From a small office with minimal usage to an energy intensive operation, Texas Office Systems has the support of energy industry professionals to help you make smart energy decisions.

A message from Texas Energy Exchange:

When it comes to electricity procurement, knowledge is power. Electricity rates are driven by a number of dynamic variables, which makes it difficult to know when to sign and how to structure the contract. 


Texas Energy Exchange takes a data-driven approach to energy procurement. We track the variables that impact electricity rates and use that data to uncover the best times to execute a contract. 


Our mission is to work with you in the development of a comprehensive energy management and procurement strategy. Lowering your energy costs while providing unmatched customer support is our top priority. 

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